Club activities and events

The club endeavours to provide a wide range of events to suit all members needs and interests. These can be broadly divided into driving events, social events, tech nights and other events, although there is obviously some overlap between these categories.

Driving Events
A variety of driving events exists to cover the casual enthusiast through to the motor sport participant. All driving events are run under the appropriate CAMS Event Permit, which provides the club, officials and members with extended public liability insurance. In order to obtain this permit, there are minimum standard that the club must meet to satisfy CAMS, so as a member you have some assurance that events are run in a professional manner.

Club Cruises
Club Cruises occur on public roads and are always popular. They are free to attend. Members meet at a preset place and time (as listed on the members area event calendar). After a drivers briefing, members are given a copy of the cruise notes and the cars head out and follow the route outlined in the notes. These routes follow public roads and there is a Cruise Code of Conduct which must be adhered to by entrants. The cruise’s often finish at a cafe or restaurant. The overall aim of the day is to get together with likeminded WRX drivers and explore some of Adelaide’s more interesting roads. Many members bring their partners and families along and we have yet to meet a member who has not had a great time on these events – in fact we have had friends of WRX owners who come as passengers on the day arrive next time in their own freshly purchased WRX!

Driver Training Days
The next type of driving event are the driver training days. These are run at either Mallala race track or at the Seymour skidpan facility. In either case the aim of the day is to allow members to push their cars further than is safe on the streets and hopefully learn something along the way. Some past events have had a professional driver trainer attend, who assisted with activity layouts and driving advice. Due to the nature of these events, it is necessary for your car to pass a scrutineering check, which is basically a roadworthyness check. It is also necessary to wear a helmet when driving at these events. Entry forms for these events provide all the details you need to enter, including scrutineering requirements. Further details on typical event requirements are contained in the members area of this website. There is usually an entry fee for these events to cover the cost of track hire and the CAMS event permit. These days are also great fun, and most members walk away with a new appreciation of their car, a big smile and plenty of stories to tell!

Motor Sport Events
The final type of driving event run by the club are the Motor Sport Events. These events differ from the above events primarily in being higher speed events that are timed. Entrants in these events can also partake in our Club Championship if they wish. But this isn’t compulsory and you can just attend an individual event for fun. The club members that attend these events are a friendly bunch, and ego’s are generally left at the entry gate to the event! Everyone is keen to help each other out, and for most entrants its all about being able to drive fast in a safe and controlled environment and measure your own individual progress through your improvement in your times. The events are also structured so that you run entirely at your own pace, there is no pressure to drive outside of your own comfort zone. Events typically include timed lap super sprints at Mallala race track, hill climb runs at Collingrove and motorkhana or autokhana events on asphalt or dirt. The higher speed and CAMS regulations for these events require a greater level of safety equipment (notably a helmet, fire extinguisher, supplementary bonnet restraint, battery location indicator and clear contact over forward facing glass), plus the need for a CAMS Level 2S license. There is an entry fee for each event to cover track hire and other operating costs, although entry into the Club Championship is free. Full details on our motor sport events are listed in the Motor Sport Section of this website.

Car Shows
On several occasions during the year the club is involved in various car shows. Members have to opportunity to show their cars as part of a WRXSA club display. These types of events help to enhance the public image of the club, generate interest to prospective members, and generally promote Subaru Impreza vehicles. Recent shows have seen members putting in a considerable amount of time and energy to build the club displays, often winning awards for their efforts. In 2005 WRXSA held displays at Autosalon, The Extreme Horsepower Super Show, and SCCSA’s Small Car Sunday to name a few.

Social Events
The club offers a wide range of social activities through out the year. The social calendar starts with the Sky Show BBQ & Awards Night. Club members gather for a BBQ in the Entertainment Centre car park and then sit back in what is a prime viewing point for the annual Sky Show Australia Day Fireworks Display. Other events run throughout the year (varies from year to year) including Family Picnic Day’s, Bowls ‘n’ Beer, Go Carts, Ladies Night, Ghost Tour and more. The social calendar culminates in the End of Year Christmas Luncheon, which is usually fully catered. All events also have a strong social element, we are a friendly bunch of people!

Tech Nights
Tech nights are always popular. These usually involve an industry professional giving the club a talk about their field. Previous talks have come from turbo charger specialists, tyre specialists, modification and engine tuning specialists, Transport SA vehicle inspectors, oil specialists, suspension specialists and so on. There are often free giveaways on the night too from the hosting business. No matter how much you already know you will always walk away from these nights with a better understanding of some aspect of your car. The club also holds a Dyno Day were members can come along and see what power there car is making on 4wd dyno. This is the ideal way to see what results different modifications can yield on other people’s cars, and also see how your own car is going.

Other Events
Other events that are of interest include new Subaru Model Previews by Eblen Subaru, our annual entry into the Small Car Sunday Show’n'Shine display, and the Annual General Meeting, where the committee gets elected and members get their say in the running of the club. We also meet at local motor sport events like the South Australian Rally Championship and Adelaide Classic Rally. Check out our Gallery Pages for great photos of many past events.