S&J Automotive

S&J Automotive have been WRXSA Club Partner of the Year in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 as voted by our members. Their exceptional support and sponsorship is greatly appreciated by WRXSA.

S&J are very proud of their long standing reputation for the tasteful enhancement of WRX’s and their turbo cousins. To them enhancement means unleashing some or all of the potential in the awesome machine Subaru have built. They are not changing things that already work well, being about 98% of the whole car.

Offering Power and Handling upgrade packages for WRX, STi, GT & XT Forrester, B4 & GT Liberty, they proudly use the best of what the world has to offer -

MRT Performance hardware (exhausts, intakes, intercoolers ect.), Whiteline Suspension, & ECUTEK ECU tuning.

A carefully tailored and tuned combination of these products will transform your Subaru into your ultimate driving machine.

Contact: Sean, Jo, Shane, Matt, or Simon.
Phone: 08 8277 2222
Address: 33 Woodlands Terrace, Edwardstown, S.A. 5039
Email: sandj@internode.on.net
Website: http://www.sjautomotive.com.au/

  • Full handbook servicing using genuine Subaru parts.
  • Stockists of all MRT Performance parts and accessories.
  • ECUTEK tuning and diagnostics.
  • Full range of performance upgrade packages from mild to very wild.
  • Heavy duty brake and clutch upgrades.
  • Subaru gearbox specialists.