Joining as a new WRXSA Member is easy!

The application form below takes only a few minutes to complete and explains most of the options as you go.

Joining as a ‘Full Member’ costs $60 + $20 Joining Fee.
Joining as an ‘Associate Member’ costs $30 + $20 Joining Fee.

The Membership Year runs from the 1st of September until the 31st of October (14 months). New Memberships paid after 1st May will receive membership for the remainder of that membership year plus the next year until 31st October, so don’t hold back!

The details and benefits of ‘Full’ and ‘Associate’ members are explained briefly on this page and in more detail in our FAQ’s.

PLEASE NOTE: We offer online membership applications and PayPal payments to make administration of club memberships easier. If for some reason you are unable to apply online or you have trouble using the form, please email the Membership Officer and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

You will be required to pay using PayPal when you submit the registration. Don’t worry if you don’t have a PayPal account, you can pay with your Credit Card as a ‘guest’ in PayPal if you prefer.


Benefits of ‘Full Membership’

Don’t let the low membership cost fool you, WRXSA offers great value and an awesome club experience!

There are many membership benefits for ‘Full Members’ of WRXSA.

‘Full Member’ Benefits:
  • WRXSA Membership Card with your name and membership number. Often required at Motorsport Events, and definitely required to apply for and hold a Motorsport Australia (CAMS) License!
  • Access to the very latest ‘Rex Driver’ Club Magazine and back issues in digital format.
  • Regular Club Updates via Members only Facebook, Email and SMS.
  • Full Access to Members Only Content on the club website.
  • Access to ‘Join’ the WRXSA Facebook group. The group is ‘private’, only WRXSA members can view and post on the page.
  • Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting and the right to stand for a Committee position.
  • Participate in Exclusive Club & Public Motorsport events as outlined in the events section on Facebook.
  • Club Social Activities & Events such as cruises, BBQs, tech nights, and family fun days also outlined in the events section on Facebook.
  • Partner Discounts & Special Offers. Your Membership Card entitles you to receive discounts and other bonus deals from our many Club Partners.
  • Full Memberships cover your family and partner. We encourage family members and partners to attend events.
  • And above all, you get the full support of our awesome WRXSA community! Many life-long friendships have and will be forged by the experiences and shared passion amongst our club.

‘Associate Membership’

WRXSA offers Associate Membership to applicants who would otherwise not be admitted to Full Membership (i.e. non-Subaru owners) for the purpose of competing in CAMS motorsport events.

‘Associate Members’ please note:
  • Associate Membership will not be given to Subaru owners, and may be obtained at sole discretion of the Committee and conditional on the completion of an application form that confirms you abide by the Club’s objectives and rules.
  • Associate Members will not be eligible for points, trophies, magazines, Club updates or any other full member benefits other than access to the Club forum and website, unless seen fit by the Committee.
  • Associate Membership will be allowed Club motorsport points in a separate associate category, if the club sees fit this category be ran alongside the annual Club Championship.