Got a question about WRXSA membership? Hopefully the FAQ’s below will help.

If you don’t find your answers below and you’ve already checked out the Membership pages then feel free to jump onto WRXSA’s Facebook page and ask some questions, or email the Membership Officer.

How long does it take for my membership to be finalised?

Generally speaking, it will take up to one month for your membership to be approved and sent to you. Once you fill out the membership application form, your details are received and presented at the next monthly committee meeting where you are officially voted in by the club committee. In some circumstances we may be able to fast track this process, but please don’t assume we can. The club committee are all volunteers and organising a vote outside of the monthly meeting can be difficult.

Why do I have to pay a $20 ‘Joining Fee’ with my first year of membership?

The $20 joining fee is a ‘one-off’ fee that is only charged the first time you register (or if you let your membership lapse past the cut-off date). The $20 covers the club’s costs for the starter pack that gets sent to you as well as being an incentive to keep your membership up to date each year! As long as you keep your membership up to date, you’ll never be asked to pay the extra $20 again.

How does the ‘Associate Membership’ work?

WRXSA ‘Associate Membership’ is open to all family members of ‘Full Members’.

WRXSA also offers Associate Membership to applicants who would otherwise not be admitted to Full Membership (i.e. non-Subaru owners) for the purpose of competing in Motorsport Australia (CAMS) motorsport events.

Associate Membership will not be given to Subaru owners, and may be obtained at sole discretion of the Committee and conditional on the completion of an application form that confirms you abide by the Club’s objectives and rules.

Associate Members will not be eligible for points, trophies, magazines, Club updates or any other full member benefits other than access to the website and facebook, unless seen fit by the Committee.

Associate Membership will be allowed Club motorsport points in a separate associate category, if the club sees fit this category be ran alongside the annual Club Championship.

My membership has expired, how can I register again?

Once your membership has expired, you will need to register using the ‘Expired Membership Renewal Form’. This will enable you to renew your expired membership using your previously used email address. Once registered, you can then login to check and update your details which will all be automatically added from your old membership.

This can be processed any time of year, and any expired renewals processed after 1st May will receive membership for the remainder of that membership year plus the next year until 31st October, so don’t hold back!

How and when do I renew my WRXSA membership?

You can renew your current WRXSA Membership between 1st July and 31st October.

The renewal form takes only a few minutes to complete and you can update your pre-filled details as you go.

Please note, if you try to renew after the 31st of October, your membership will have expired and you will need to pay the additional $20 joining fee – $80 total. So get in early, don’t miss it!

If your membership has already expired, please use the renew expired membership form.