We proudly celebrate our WRXSA Club Champions throughout the years, and everyone who participated!

2019 – Damian McGinn
2018 – Damian McGinn & Seth Coultas
2017 – Jordan Rohrlach
2016 – Damien Hirst
2015 – Jason Bartsch
2014 – Jason Bartsch
2013 – Garry Dodd
2012 – Garry Dodd
2011 – Michael Prout
2010 – Damien Hirst
2009 – Christopher Schapel
2008 – David Palumbo
2007 – Michael Willis
2006 – Micheal Willis & Garry Dodd
2005 – Chris Bennet
2004 – Corey Fechner
2003 – Andrew Krieger
2002 – Tony Hirst
2001 – Shayne Harmsen

In the club’s proud history, we’ve seen some fantastic battles for the title of ‘Club Champion’ since 2001.

Not only do we celebrate these champions, but also the hundreds of participants, organisers, and supporters that shared in the journey and no doubt had a big part to play in the success of our WRXSA CC over the years.

So many good times shared by all. And when things didn’t always go to plan, friendships and bonds within the club were strengthened as everyone rallied around to get a car or competitor back on track.

We’re proud of our Club Championship and look forward to celebrating many more over the years.