On Thursday the 14th December WRXSA held their presentation evening for the S&J Club Championship of 2017.

It was a great turn out with over 25 club members attending the S&J workshop at Edwardstown where the presentation took place.

A BIG THANK YOU goes to S&J Automotive for putting more than $2000 worth of prizes up for grabs and hosting the presentation evening as well as a satisfying BBQ dinner.

And now, what you all came here to see…
The results of the S&J Club Championship of 2017!

2017 Club Champion – Jordan Rohrlach
$1,400 S&J voucher and Trophy

2017 Grand Champion Runner-up – Jacob Richards
$600 S&J voucher and Trophy

2017 Standard Class Winner – Mathew Langbrandner
$250 S&J voucher and Trophy

2017 Modified Class Winner – Jordan Rohrlach
$250 S&J voucher and Trophy

2017 Race/Rally Class Winner – Jacob Richards
$250 S&J voucher and Trophy

2017 Associate Class Winner – Gordon Christie
$100 SCA voucher and Trophy

2017 12/12 Events Completed – Jordan Rohrlach
WRXSA Medallion

2017 Rookie of the year – Adam Hobbs

2017 Achievement Award Winners – Chloe Langcake & Zac Falzon
WRXSA Medallion

Thank you again to all who attended the presentation evening, with special mention to Tania and Sean for presenting the awards.

From everyone on the WRXSA committee, we hope you all had fun out on the track in 2017 and were look forward to announcing the 2018 WRXSA Club Championship details soon.